20 Years of Transformational Work

Our Mission: To improve the health and wellness of the Orange County community by enhancing the impact and efficiency of health philanthropy.

The Partnership has three strategic focus areas that will guide its work through 2020 to improve the health and wellness of the Orange County community:

  1. Strengthen Community Health & Wellness
  2. Improve Health and Wellness Structures/Systems for Vulnerable Populations
  3. Protect Access to Care For All

For over 15 years the transformational work of the Partnership has set a standard for health philanthropy in Orange County. In 2010, the Partnership received the 5th Annual “Supporting the Safety Net Award” from the Association of Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) and was recognized as a national model of collaboration. In 2011, the Partnership received the Irvine Health Foundation Anniversary Prize for collaborative efforts leading to significant progress in the availability of care, health, and well-being of the community.

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Our Role in the Community

The Partnership builds on its funding Partners’ traditional grantmaking, and collaboratively creates and supports innovative opportunities to improve the health of Orange County residents. We play a unique and critical role in Orange County philanthropy.

We are Champions of the Orange County Safety Net
The Partnership supports efforts to strengthen our safety net system to ensure that it is able to provide quality, accessible, and effective care and services to all Orange County residents. We accomplish this by funding the work of various community organizations and incubating new programs and initiatives.

We Build Organizational and Community Capacity
The Partnership promotes community-driven solutions to promote a healthy Orange County. We support and empower organizations and collaboratives working to address Orange County’s most pressing health issues.

We Raise Awareness and Educate on Issues of Health and Well-Being
The Partnership serves as a convener of Orange County’s funding and health care safety net. We educate, inform policy and systems change, and elevate best practices. The Partnership regularly hosts convenings and events to bring together safety net providers and thought leaders to develop solutions for Orange County.

Our Founding Partners

In 1999, a group of funders joined together around a shared vision to strengthen and improve the health of Orange County residents, as well as to enhance the impact and efficiency of health philanthropy.

The founding Partners included: