Working to ensure
residents are enrolled
and utilize health care

Health Care Access and Coverage

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the health care landscape changed dramatically in California with the expansion of MediCal and the introduction of a health insurance exchange. The Health Funders Partnership is committed to ensuring that all eligible Orange County residents are enrolled and utilize health care services.

The Partnership has provided capacity building support to the following entities that play a key role in ensuring residents are enrolled and utilizing health care coverage:

The Health Funders Partnership was instrumental in launching Community Health Initiative of Orange County (CHIOC) in 2005 to increase enrollment of children and families into health care and social services programs. The Partnership has continued to provide capacity building support to CHIOC.

In 2014, the Health Funders Partnership supported the creation of Covered OC, a collaborative of service agencies, businesses, and government representatives formed to support successful access to and coverage of health for all Orange County residents. The Partnership also continued its support of the Community Health Initiative of Orange County (CHIOC), a key player in the effort to enroll families in health insurance.