Health is a complete state of
physical, mental and social
well-being, and not merely
the absence of disease or

The World Health Organization

Live Healthy OC

Transforming Orange County’s Community Clinic System:
Creating True Community Health and Wellness

In 2014, the Health Funders Partnership of Orange County launched a unique partnership with the Coalition of Orange County Community Health Centers and the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine and its Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine to transform Orange County’s health care safety net to a system that is focused on creating health and wellness for individuals, families and communities with the ultimate goal of improving population health and wellness focused on its community health centers and clinics.

The Initiative

This comprehensive initiative aims to transform the culture, practice and care delivery models of participating clinics serving the underserved from a disease-based management model to a sustainable integrated health approach centered on. The Initiative is engaging and supporting Orange County community health centers and clinics in a collaborative learning and implementation process. The Initiative is supported by multiple funders who believe that supporting clinics in this change process is critical to transforming how health care is delivered to the underserved and improving health outcomes across Orange County.

Participating Clinics

Future learning collaboratives will be launched for additional clinic participation.

Our Integrative Health Partners

The following organizations play a critical role in implementing this initiative:

Support for the Live Healthy OC

The Partnership has supported the Initiative since the early design stages and will continue to provide annual funding support through 2019.

The Partnership is grateful to the following funders for their generous support of this Initiative:

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